The CLAR8TY Customer Acquisition Pay-Plan has been designed to help you achieve the goals you set for your Clar8ty Business. The time, effort and activity you devote to your Clar8ty business will determine your income and success.

CLAR8TY Customer Acquisition Pay-Plan

Pricing and Volume List

Below are some helpful videos designed to help you understand the different commission types:

1. The Importance of Being “Active” (watch video)
2. Retail Income & Personal Volume Commissions (watch video)
3. The Power of 3 (watch video)
4.  Instant Success Pak Bonuses (watch video)
5. (more to come)

DISCLAIMER: All references to income, implied or stated, are for the purposes of illustration only. Clar8ty does not guarantee any level of income. Earnings are dependent solely on the actions related to and from the sales of commissionable products and/or services. See Income Disclosure at