IBO Bill of Rights

Founder’s Statement

As founders, owners, and executives of the Company we are extremely sensitive to the unique and varied needs of our Independent Business Owners hereinafter referred to as IBO’s. We’ve been in the field and built large organizations and we’ve experienced the amazing positives and detrimental negatives of being a representative for one or more network marketing companies. We’ve also experienced the positives and negatives of owning and managing one or more companies. There is a delicate balance of how a Company conducts its business and how it applies its policies in a manner that provides fairness and justice to all concerned. It is with this in mind that we propose the following IBO Bill of Rights, ethics, guidelines, and considerations.

Bill of Rights, Ethics, Guidelines, and Considerations

RIGHT #1 –

First and foremost the Company acknowledges that without its IBO’s the Company would not exist nor thrive and without the Company there would be no opportunity for the IBO. Therefore, IBO’s have the right to expect, know, and understand that they are valued, respected, held in the highest esteem, honor, and gratitude, and that the relationship between the Company and the IBO is of paramount mutual importance to each other.

RIGHT #2 –

IBO’s have the right to be treated literally, legally, and figuratively 100% as an Independent Contractor. Meaning specifically that the Company does not own nor can it dictate or direct its IBO’s in any manner that would cause them to be considered anything other than an Independent Contractor by law. The Company will not cause nor in any way require any IBO to jeopardize the status of being an Independent Contractor.

RIGHT #3 –

IBO’s have the right, as Independent Contractors, to be involved in ANY business venture of any kind and be involved in any number of business ventures as long as the IBO follows and adheres to the code of ethics, company policies and procedures. (Note: If an IBO enrolls in the Company and spends one hour, or a year, and/or builds for a few months and never builds again the Company will always be grateful and thankful for whatever time, energy, and effort that was or is expended to benefit the Company. This is accomplished through our core values and partially through the pay-plan in how it pays and the ability to vest your rank.)

RIGHT #4 –

IBO’s have the right to NEVER be in fear of termination, suspension, or losing their income as long as the actions of the IBO are not in conflict with and/or are detrimental to the Company, the upline, or other IBO’s in the Company. The Company has a zero-termination mind-set but under very specific unacceptable, extreme, unpredictable circumstances the Company would exercise it’s right to terminate or suspend a IBO’s business with just cause. Should there be such situations arise the IBO has the right to a fair and independent recourse. In the event of permanent termination IBO’s have the right to have their “case” reviewed by a council of IBO’s of which the recommendation of this council will be taken with the upmost consideration by the Company.

RIGHT #5 –

IBO’s have the right to know that the Company understands that in today’s marketplace with all the varying means of promotion that the actions of an IBO becomes extremely transparent and visible to those within and without the Company no matter what the IBO is promoting. Many positives and negatives can come as a result and we ask our IBO’s to be sensitive and aware of the impact their actions can have on the Company and respective IBO organizations in the act of promoting their business or businesses.

RIGHT #6 –

IBO’s have the right to join and participate in any legitimate business association of their choice even a competing opportunity. IBO’s have the right to maintain their former and/or current personal and/or business relationship(s) it had and/or continues to have with those whom they personally enroll including those not personally enrolled in their organization or outside their organization with whom they had a former personal or business relationship prior to either’s involvement in the Company. However, in most cases or situations it would be unethical to directly or knowingly involve those whom are otherwise NOT personally enrolled by the IBO in competing opportunities.

RIGHT #7 –

IBO’s have the right to expect that the Company has taken reasonable steps to insure that the products, services, and business structure/compensation and marketing plans are properly represented, vetted, maintain uncompromised quality, and meet any and all legal and regulatory standards where applicable as well as carry the appropriate product liability, general liability, errors and omissions coverages.

RIGHT #8 –

IBO’s have the right to renew their annual agreement/contract without material breach thereof and have the right to transfer or sell their Independent Contractor business to any third party that would qualify as an IBO and following the Company policies and procedures established for such transactions.

RIGHT #9 –

IBO’s have the right to communicate, be heard, and listened to by the Company as long as that communication is respectful, courteous, and constructive. The Company will make every reasonable effort to take into consideration any and all communication, suggestions, and recommendations from its IBO’s.

RIGHT #10 –

IBO’s have the right to a consistent and balanced business operations with minimal changes that would negatively impact the majority. However, ultimately, the Company must exercise its discretion in all business matters regardless of the impact. But know that the Company will always make every effort to do what is right and in the best interest of all concerned no matter the situation.

RIGHT #11 –

IBO’s have the right and are entitled to be covered by these rights, ethics, considerations, and guidelines equally regardless of sales quotas, performance, rank, or title including the right to fair and consistent treatment.